Monday, September 24, 2007

My Life, my passion, my works of art

Maybe I was born with a paintbrush on my hand 'coz I really can't remember when did I first learn to paint or to draw, I can't even remember what was the first object that I drew, we can ask my mother but right now we can't rely on her memory, if we ask my father then he will say, "he got it from me, he was born with it", well, it makes sense, maybe I was born with it, maybe what runs on my veins is indeed paint.

As far as I can remember I had a normal childhood, I wasn't one of those gifted children, I played around with kids in our neighborhood, I did what every other kid does, nobody forced me to paint or draw, but there's one thing I remember, I didn't have much toys! What I had were crayons, water colors, colored pens and pencils, anything that has to do with art. Pretty little trick that my parents did! huh! But it worked well for me and I am grateful for it. If they didn't do that I wouldn't be what I am now.

Just as what any normal kid would do, I imitate what I always see my father does. Most of the time when he's at home I always see him drawing or painting or doing some craftwork, I just observed at first because neither one of my parents forced me to do something that I wouldn't want. Maybe I was at that age where we imitate everything that we see because in our house that time while my father was painting, my mother was doing some craftworks she uses in school, I forgot to mention she was a teacher and some of my sisters knew how to draw too. This is a very common scene in our house at that time, maybe that's how my mind was conditioned, to do what they're doing, to appreciate what they're doing, to be an enthusiast of the arts.

Just as when I started to draw and paint, I aimed for perfection in my work, even as a child then, I wouldn't stop until I am satisfied with what I created. As I age I have come to realize that art doesn't have to be perfect because there's no such thing, I have learned from observing other people that art is indeed very subjective, as the saying goes, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". I grew up with that thought in my mind and since then I learned to respect other artists work, some artworks may not look so good to me but to some people, it's a masterpiece. It has also helped me understand and accept failure everytime I don't win an art competition, in fact I don't see it as failure anymore, but rather, a matter of choice.